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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  November 19, 2016 11:30pm-12:00am EST

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across the 30. you think about how difficult it is, sometimes, to go on the road and operate offensively, and as mayfield catches the snowflakes. you know, 16 straight now true road games, 30-plus points, they're going to win their 11th straight true road game and their 15th straight big 12 that's impressive stuff. >> kirk: it is. i'm anxious to see how the committee, after this weekend's games, with the louisvill with some of the things that happened the rest of the weekend, what this win tonight will mean. oklahoma sitting at nine, and everybody saying that they wanted to see an impressive win on their resume, what will this win do? >> chris: matt romar, struggling there. that's the last thing they need. he's already been battling an injury and missed four games
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not much carnage above them today to add to louisville's loss on thursday, but oklahoma still very much in the mix. >> kirk: absolutely. you look at louisville out, washington still has washington state, friday, day after thanksgiving. wisconsin and penn state, potentially could play each other in the big ten championship game. and there's oklahoma, just sitting right there at nine. more than likely will move up into the t coming up on tuesday night. >> chris: they have a bye week, as the cowboys do, before bedlam in norman in a couple of weeks. >> kirk: that will be a shootout. >> chris: howard. fires far side, incomplete. you know, oklahoma has never had a chance to play for a big 12 championship on its own field. they won the big eight many times over the years, those collisions with nebraska, but the big 12 championship game was
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the sooners have a chance to do something they haven't done before, which is win a conference on their home field. at least in the big 12. howard will run down and be tackles across the 35 yard line. oklahoma state's playing at a very high level. they went to ft. worth today, took care of business. >> kirk: mason rudolph having a really good year. james washington, a lot of weapons on the outside. they will challenge bob stoops' secondary. maybe more than anybody else has >> chris: they'll go for their tenth big 12 title. more than all the current members have combined. and howard will be sacked. >> kirk: great coverage down field. >> chris: and that will turn it back over. >> kirk: real quick, my thought on how it potentially turns out? if ohio state wins saturday against michigan, where they're playing at home, and clemson wins out and alabama wins out,
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the argument becomes, potentially, if washington won the pac-12 championship, if penn state and wisconsin play in the big ten championship, the winner of that game, and then, whether it's oklahoma or oklahoma state, whoever ends up winning the big 12. those three teams will be who the committee will be discussing and probably arguing over, who potentially gets that four spot. >> chris: because there's a lot of hypotheticals and there's time. i won't put your feet to the a lot of things to still be sorted out. but if it is oklahoma, and we're not presuming they're going to beat the cowboys. calm down, i get it. perine takes off and trying to add another touchdown to his night. hauled down inside the 10 yard line. if they get the cowboys, that will be another high quality win that you put this one with that one, it would be a pretty strong closing statement. >> kirk: for a team that got off to a slow start with some
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didn't quite have, you know, the big guns. westbrook and perine at 100% early. and they felt the con consequences. they were 1-2, but to their credit after the bye week, they have won eight in a row and are trending and playing much better football, especially offensively with this firepower they have. they can play with a lot of teams, because they can score. >> chris: mayfield didn't handle it cleanly. hands it o no taking of the knee here, as the sooners try for another touchdown. talked about that reveal of the 34 playoff top 25 rankings presented by playstation. espn, 7:00 eastern time. and besides the reveal of the top four, which is not likely to change, frankly, there will be a discussion about the kind of issues you are bringing up, the what ifs, the looking aheads, what will be the arguments be if this and that happens, which is,
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>> chris: been a crazy night here. again, there was a near brawl midfield in the warmup. there was a very snowy start to the get. snowy finish. inside of two minutes. as perine sort of picks his way and is knocked down at the 3 yard line. >> kirk: pushing and shoving. it's been chippy. really more in the first half than the second half. and also got to say about dana holgorsen, that first half got embarrassing at times, with how making mental mistakes and just becoming frustrated. to their credit, after halftime, when this game looked like it might just complete little get away from them, they fought back. they really have kept their competitive spirit and tact and done a good job of staying in this game, as perine goes over to the sideline and mixon, also
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two tailbacks out, abdul adams gets a carry, he's knocked down at the 1 yard line. they'll look at the stats after this game, say, okay, oklahoma seems like they've got it in hand, as we check out the run again. and, but they'll also see, west virginia's gained is 534 yards -- that's not a touchdown, the other one was? i'm confused. i mean -- there was no evidence mayfield got to the end zone before and they gave him a touchdown. that time, adams clearly know, would have loved to have his first career touchdown. give him another chance. guy's never scored a touchdown in his career. this would cap it. and he's not going to get it in there. just pulls it and walks -- give it to the young guy. did you really need another one
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anyway. he'll -- i scored, they should have given me one. should have been my first career touchdown. >> kirk: i think we can count that one for him. >> chris: cassidy hubbarth awaiting the ford wrapup show. so, baker's stats, kirk, ends up being just 9 for 15, touchdowns. the interception. and as a runner, he scored twice, including this one. >> kirk: it's actually not a call for baker mayfield, just a zone read. he read the end collapsing, eight, the outside linebacker came down. he probably wanted to give it to the freshman more than anybody, but it was a walk-in with the read that he had and gets an easy score. and oklahoma, after we showed that graphic, their first four drives in the second half were
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touchdowns to close the door here in morgantown. >> chris: in the end, it's going to be the four-touchdown margin, which it was for much of this game before the mountaineers climbed back within 13. seibert's kick twisted down inside the 10. gibson trying to take the long way home. and going to be knocked down at the 25 yard line. hear from baker mayfield momentarily with samantha after
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8-0 in the conference. they haven't even started with five straight conference wins in quite a few years. they were sitting there, 1-2, after losing to houston, losing at home to ohio state. how many people gave them a chance of reeling off, you know, eight conference wins in a row and being back in the playoff picture? almost no wurngsone, i would sa. meanwhile, a monster night for this guy. crawford breaking free, still still running. way over 300 rushing yards for justin crawford tonight. finally run out with six seconds to go. there's a flag down, as well. very late in the play. we'll see if the entire run stands. and crawford, despite his fumble inside the 5 --
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unnecessary roughness on number 90 of the defense. the penalty is half the distance to the goal. and it's first down. >> chris: they got gallimore. so, the rush will stand, and crawford has carried it 24 times for 331 yards. almost 14 yards a carry. >> kirk: if nothing else, you take away from this game is, you know you have a guy you can -- is a catalyst for west virginia. a guy you can really build numbers that he put up, but because of the attitude that crawford runs with and the way this game got away from them, he did not give up. if anything, he played harder when they were in that big hole. >> chris: howard spinning away. going to be the final play of the game -- he fires it over the end zone. third-most rushing yards ever, by the way, for a mountaineer. the sooners start fast and
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and they close strong, 56-28. let's go to samantha with baker mayfield. >> samantha: well, this one started really feisty, so, describe to me why this one was so emotionally charged, even before it started? >> it's always chippy when you play then. especially because it's just the physical type of game. they're a physical team. so, there was a lot of chatter through social media stuff pregame and during the week, so, it kind of got everybody riled up. pregame, both teams met in the just kind of that game and we came out with that intensity and able to execute early on. >> so, the weather kind of dictated that you had to run the ball, but you were able to run the ball so well. what enabled the running game to perform that way? >> great offensive line. excuting and playing well right now. and obviously our running backs. two of the most talented guys in the country. when you have them, might as well utilize them and hand it off to them. i'm just here to win games, and if i'm handing it off, that's fine with me.
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the two early losses. now, people are talking playoff. you head into bedlam this week. in your mind, is this team playing for a playoff spot? >> we absolutely are. i think just the type we're playing right now, playing well. defense is coming along. i mean, west virginia's a good team. and we came into their stadium and won. in a good way. so, we're playing well. we just need to keep on making statements and win the big 12 and see what happens from there. >> samantha: last thing for you, i know you're a texas boy. you ever played in weather like maybe at recess, when they canceled school. but that's it. >> samantha: congratulations on the win. thank you, baker. >> chris: yeah, mayfield, a team guy, obviously a heisman contender, didn't have the kind of passing numbers you'd expect would help his case. doesn't care about that, because it's going to be the sooners and the cowboys in the bedlam series in a couple of weeks were the big 12 championship and playoff consideration. >> kirk: and that game is always so much fun. every year, and especially when
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comes down to bedlam, and this year, they get their wish. >> chris: all right, now, none of the top four lost, but do you reshuffle any of yours? >> kirk: no, i think i still have alabama, obviously, at one and ohio state and michigan, they'll work that out this saturday in columbus. and clemson sitting there, for me, you know, they'll move up. if clemson keeps winning, they're going to be in the playoff. that's my four right now as we get ready for this -- the huskies? the sooners get consideration? >> kirk: sooners get consideration. i would say that wisconsin is there, you also would have to put washington there. we'll see if washington survives friday when they take on washington state in the apple cup. >> chris: final takeaway. we knew oklahoma had a huge offense. still some defensive concerns, though, heading into the last game off what they did tonight here. >> kirk: you would expect that to be issued up. a lot of points.
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offenses, at least going into the game, you would think would have a big game. >> chris: well, mayfield said that it was social media that set the stage for the feistiness. blame something else on seeocia media. when they got to football, west virginia not able to handle the conditions or the emotions, as well as oklahoma. and the sooners go on the road and take care of business. 56-28, tonight here in snowy morgantown. game was produced by bill bonnell. a salute to the crew who battled the tough conditions to morgantown. inab wolverines and the buckeyes on abc at noon eastern next saturday. the ford wrapup show right now and to cassidy hubbarth. thanks, chris. oklahoma getting the easy win to improve to 9-2, 8-0 in conference play. welcome into the ford wrapup. for the two big ten teams in the top four, their wins today were a little less comfortable. while michigan state is not
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against ohio state. in fact, the buckeyes have played as many three-point games against sparty as they have against all other big ten opponents combined. so, let's head to east lansing. number two, ohio state. down 17-16, michigan state was, going for two and tyler o'connor's pass intercepted by malik hooker. ohio state hangs on. their sixth michigan taking on indiana. smith takes the handoff. breaks it. and take a look at how he gets into the end zone. dives for the pylon. he had a career high 158 rushing yards, two tds. michigan wins it. and so, after getting past those scares, that sets up the game, michigan at ohio state. next saturday at noon on abc. ohio state has won ten of their last 11 meetings against michigan. also "gameday," five hours long
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meanwhile, number one alabama had some early struggles against chattanooga. second quarter, bama down 3-0. jalen hurts throws deep down to a wide open calvin ridley. hurts with three passing tds, no picks. first time he's done that in his career. alabama came alive in the second half to win 31-3. number four clemson taking on wake forest. deshaun watson to mike williams. and take a look. great catch for the touchdown. clemson wins it takes the acc atlantic for the fourth time in eight seasons. number six washington, taking on arizona state. second quarter. jake browning to donte pettis. 46-yard touchdown. huskies roll 44-18. washington plays at washington state next friday for a spot in the pac-12 championship game. number seven wisconsin taking on purdue. second quarter. intercepted by t.j. watt. he takes it back for the touchdown.
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that play. j.j. never had a defensive touchdown at wisconsin. and they win it 49-20. number eight, penn state, taking on rutgers. the punt fand johnson gets the block. that would lead to a penn state touchdown. they would blank rutgers 39-0 for their first road shoutout since 2007. colorado beat washington state behind a huge liufau. he had 345 yards. oklahoma state beating tcu. now, a bit of a stunner between number 12 utah and oregon. justin herbert to darren carrington for the touchdown. it was originally called out of bounds, but overturned after review. oregon with their first road win of the season, upsetting utah, 30-28. texas/kansas. texas threw an interception on the first possession.
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texas suffers its first loss versus kansas since 1938. and the jayhawks snap their 19-game big 12 losing streak. number 16, lsu hosting number 23, florida. rescheduled game supposed to be in gainesville. fourth and goal. geiss stopped by the gators. florida wins, clinches the s.e.c. east. jim mcilwain, very proud to win. >> the way it look at it, they got what they deserved. and it should have been worse. all righty then. and we've got an exciting game over on espn right now. number 13 usc, up 20-14 with under eight to play in the second. now, if the bruins win, then colorado would clinch the division. again, this game over on espn right now. that's it for the ford wrapup, i'm cassidy hubbarth.
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(laughter) ?? oh my god get out! smile for the camera! ?? woo! we all live for football. and we're headed to the playoff. life is a sport. the ford escape.
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>> this is one of those things that you would never expect to happen. kimberly: a big chill, gusty wind blowing in chilly temperatures. josh has how low it will go and looks ahead to the thanksgiving travels. neighbors in shock. the police search for the man who they say set a woman on fire. and the trump transition moves forward with more meetings as donald puts his new administration together. the president-elect turns to twitter after his vice president elect was booed. the news starts now. >> now, abc 711:00, on your
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kimberly suiters, along with meteorologist josh knight. snow even fell during college football games in michigan and west virginia. redskins fans tomorrow will really have to bundle up. josh: yes, the good news is i don't think we will quite see snow like we did in west virginia. a few of those snow showers making their way as far as the shenandoah valley. we start off with a nice shot but where we are seeing the snowflakes, i-81, areas like that. snow from ohio into west virginia, morgantown picking up snowflakes earlier during the football game. shenandoah county, crossing over the blue ridge mountains. the air warmer near madison, so raindrops.
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tonight, it may make it tougher to see. overnight, temperatures dropping to about 37 in d.c., 32 manassas, 34 leesburg. a cold start, but not too terrible. the problem is it will be very windy, so the feels-like temperature's will be the issue. all day sunday, a wind advisory for the entire area, higher elevations. the yellow warning. the temperatures will get into the mid 40's, but with the strong wind, it will feel like we are stuck in the 30's. a closer look at the foot all forecast coming up, but first we send it to anna-lysa gayle who has continuing coverage of the weather. some people doing their best to avoid it, while others enjoying some of this, anna-lysa? anna-lysa: that's right, josh, just about an hour ago, people
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rink along pentagon row, making for a good saturday night with the temperatures. unfortunately, things were not as pleasant across the dmv. several brushfires reported in beltsville, anne arundel county, and arlington. the national weather service also issue in a fire weather watch due to the dry conditions, along with the gusty wind. in addition to the cold front, started at 7:00 p.m. shelters are preparing to take an extra people so they have a warm place to stay on this cold night. >> when the government calls for hypothermia, our shelter is wide open. what we do is we put down additional mattresses, double mattresses in our day rooms.
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and they can sleep in our facility each night. anna-lysa: we have also learned about another serious weather-related issue, montgomery county, a young woman was struck by a tree branch near the cabin john shopping center. her injuries are considered life-threatening. live in arlington, anna-lysa gayle, abc 7 news. kimberly: s our stormwatch 7 team of meteorologists when harsh weather hits. will have life updates. no forget to download the stormwatch 7 weather app to get the forecast at your fingertips. a story from fairfax county. the police are still searching for this man who they say set a woman on fire. the victim is fighting for her life tonight. amy aubert is live from the
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county where it happened. understandably, neighbors are in shock. amy: kimberly, absolutely. we are here where it happened on taylor court. just behind me, the damage to the home, the boarded up windows. neighbors out here tonight still in shock. fire crews and police lining the streets in a fairfax county neighborhood early saturday morning. >> awash with lights, police and fire engines. amy the front windows: of the home burned, tonight boarded up. fire crews were called to the scene just before 2 a.m. >> we could see smoke coming up from the house. amy: after putting out the fire, crews found a 64-year-old woman who was badly burned.
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in your neighborhood. amy: neighbors are still in shock. >> you don't really expect that come especially from this neighborhood. it's very quiet and it's a great community. amy: an arrest warrant was issued for lewis reider, allegedly for setting the woman on fire. the police believe they got into an argument. >> you hope she is ok. amy since we have been here tonight, we have noticed several police cruisers driving through. they are still on the lookout for the suspect. they believe the victim's injuries are life-threatening. amy aubert, abc 7 news. kimberly: now to the presidential transition, the president-elect and vice president-elect met with several potential cabinet members at donald trump's golf course in new jersey.
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those meetings was with former massachusetts governor mitt romney. the 2012 presidential nominee was a vocal critic during the campaign, but spoke to reporters after their meeting. >> we had a far-reaching conversation with regards to the various theaters in the world in the interest of the united states. we discussed those areas and exchange our views on those topics. kimberly: comment about reports he is being considered for secretary of state. the president-elect also met with michelle reid, the former d.c. school chancellor reportedly under consideration for education secretary. rhee often clashed with parents and teachers during her nearly four-year tenure in d.c. she appeared on the cover of "time" magazine after closing
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teachers. she is a well-known advocate across the country for charter schools and school vouchers. a conference of white nationalists and the alt-right drew hundreds of protesters in d.c., marching outside the reagan building. inside, the national policy institute celebrated donald trump's election victory. the groups largely stayed to themselves come except for a brief altercation that the police broke up. >> donald trump and the alt-right are trying to turn this into something. i'm not going to let it happen. >> the protesters outside are idiots and grows, so i don't think they will appeal to anyone. kimberly: they advocate for racial separation. the southern poverty law center has listened them as a hate group. vice president mike pence


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